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KidSmart understands how to market products and apps targeted to kids and how to best engage Moms and family members to generate awareness and sales for your company. KidSmart consults with start-ups and mid-size companies seeking to reach kids and their families. KidSmart has developed new brands and product concepts, developed and implemented innovative marketing plans, created websites, videos, and packaging, generated awareness-building media outreach in traditional and social media channels, and created innovative promotions designed to engage parents.

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  1. We hit the ground running
    With over 100 successful product launches under our belts, we eliminate the learning curve and deliver superior thinking quickly.
  2. Experienced in all aspects of youth product development and marketing
    Whether we are asked to provide a “point” solution or are engaged for a broader project, our knowledge of the “big picture” informs all deliverables.
  3. Broad skillset
    Our experience spans business strategy for start-ups, crowdsourcing, product design and development, theming, naming, positioning, marketing strategy (including product mix, pricing, distribution), promotion, publicity, packaging and merchandising materials.
  4. Marketplace savvy
    From aligning youth products with current trends to assuring that they meet quality, safety and reliability standards, we bring indispensable knowledge to every engagement.